Banza Shade 4 Seater


A temporary shade system that attaches to a Roll Bar or Roof Rack. The Banza 4 attaches over a length of 4 ‘ with 4 Attachment Straps with Buckles . The Banza is held up with 2 (or 4) Adjustable Awning Poles, Guy Lines and Pegs.

4 seater comes with 2 Adj Poles.

Outside wings can be adjusted to heights with Guy Lines/Pegs or Adj Awning Poles. The Banza 4 gives you approx. 40 sq/ft of shade.

The Banza is Stored and Transported in it’s own Travel Bag which attaches to the Roll Bar/Roof Rack with 2 Attachment Straps. Banza can be attached and tightened to Roll Bar/Roof Rack, and stays put until you want to stop and roll it out for use.

The Banza Travel Bag has 2 openings in the back that 2 of the Banza straps slide through and clip on to the roll bar. The Banza is always attached through the Travel Bag and the 2 Attachment Straps.

The Banza rides attached and secure to the Roll Bar/Roof Rack. When you want to use it. Release the Attachment Straps on the Travel Bag. The Travel Bag hangs, attached by the 2 Banza Straps that go through the back of the Travel Bag. Un-zip the Bag, roll out the Banza, remove the Poles, Pegs, Guy Line and set it up.

When finished, unclip 2 of the 4 Banza Straps, Fold, roll it up, put everything in the Travel Bag and zip it up.

Use the Attachment Straps on the Travel Bag to secure to your Roll Bar/Roof Rack and your ready to go explore.

Made in USA

Patent Pending #504850380 #504850674

**Please allow 5-7 days for delivery if in stock** 1-3 week if not in stock.

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