Banza Shade 2 Seater


A temporary shade system that attaches to a Roll Bar or Roof Rack. The Banza 2 attaches over a length of 2’ with 2 Attachment Straps with Buckles . The Banza is held up with 2 (or 4) Adjustable Awning Poles, Guy Lines and Pegs. 2 seater comes with 2 Adj poles.

Outside wings can be adjusted to heights with Guy Lines/Pegs or Adj Awning Poles. The Banza 2 gives you approx. 30 sq/ft of shade. Just ight for 2 riders.

The Banza is Stored and Transported in it’s own Travel Bag which attaches to the Roll Bar/Roof Rack with 2 Attachment Straps. Banza can be attached and tightened to Roll Bar/Roof Rack, and stays put until you want to stop and roll it out for use.

The Banza Travel Bag has 2 openings in the back that 2 of the Banza straps slide through and clip on to the roll bar. The Banza is always attached through the Travel Bag and the 2 Attachment Straps.

The Banza rides attached and secure to the Roll Bar/Roof Rack. When you want to use it. Release the Attachment Straps on the Travel Bag. The Travel Bag hangs, attached by the 2 Banza Straps that go through the back of the Travel Bag. Un-zip the Bag, roll out the Banza, remove the Poles, Pegs, Guy Line and set it up.

When finished, Fold, roll it up, put everything in the Travel Bag and zip it up.

Use the Attachment Straps on the Travel Bag to secure to your Roll Bar/Roof Rack and your ready to go explore.

Made in USA

Patent Pending #504850380 #504850674

**Please allow 5-7 days for delivery if in stock** 1-3 weeks if not in stock

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